How To Install Net Beans for Java Programming On windows

The NetBeans IDE is a free and open-source software development tool for professionals who create enterprise, web, desktop, and mobile applications.


An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that will helps programmers to develop the software application.  An IDE, which is consists of a source code to editor, build a automation tools and a debugger. IDE is initially started as to develop console or terminal, when programers trying to develop the application. There are many IDE’s such as Eclipse, Net Beans, Oracle J developer, Microsoft Visual Studio. IDEs is a user friendly framework for Java, c, c++, PHP programming languages.


  •  Full Integration
  •  Easy to deployment and project development
  •  Smart to Handel / Editor
  • Built-in source code control

In this blog will guide you for the net beans installation in windows machine.


  • Operating System : windows XP, 7  (32- bit or 64-bit) Click here to check this?
  • RAM                             : Minimum 4 GB (Better performance of the system), or else install in 2 GB RAM.
  • SOFTWARE                : Java SE Development Kit (JDK)
  • NET BEANS          : You can download the IDE software of Net Beans 8 at


Step 1  Download the IDE software of Net Beans 8 at start download from here.

Step 2  Once you navigate to the net beans home page then you can able to see Download option  highlighted in the below Image.

NET BEANS HOMEPAGEFor Note: The net Bean Download file nearly 205 MB it takes some times to download.

Step 3  After the net beans download is successful, then you open the folder and locate the file name looks same as netbeans-8.0.2-windows.exe, double click this setup file to begin the net beans installation.

Step 4   You will get one pop-up window in that proceed to click “yes” and then net beans automatically takes necessary library / packages  file to start install.

Step 5   Need to accept the license, so that you have to select the radio button as “accept” which is located in bottom of the screen. select the option listed in the screen to install.

Step 6    Here, many of the people will get error as JDK is not installed or JDK browse path is not set correctly. Refer another blog to know how to install JDK and set the path in windows machine.

Step 7    Once JDK path is given correctly and choose the location where the net beans to be install in your local machine (C drive or D drive). By default it will installed in your C drive.

Step 8     Proceed to next to Start installing the net beans and finally you have button called “INSTALL” click this button to complete you net beans installation.

Step 9      Finally, you can see the popup window with a message that says “Installation Completed Successfully”.

Now, Guide you to that how to navigate and open the net beans which is installed in your machine. so there is a two option one is the net beans icon image stored in your desktop or go to start–> All Programs–> Net Beans–> Net Beans 8.2 and double click this blue icon to open your home page of your net beans IDE. once you opened then you can see the IDE homepage as similar to the below image.



  • Automating the simple tasks of projects
  • Compatible with Java Platform
  • Using code for auto-completion
  • Integrating debugging
  • Facilitating the compilation and deployment of applications
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