Steps To Install (JDK) Java Development KIT On Windows

Jdk is termed as “Java Development Kit”. JDK consists of JRE , set of Development tools, libraries, utilities and codes for developing Java Program. Can’t imagine that without Java (Jdk) most of things nothing can be done.  JDK is implemented for the <a style="color: #0000ff; text-decoration: underline;" href="http://www.trymebuddy best diet” target=”_blank”>Platforms (Java SE, Java ME, Java EE), which is owned by Oracle but it’s a free open source software that purely aimed for a Java Developers. JDK is a software development kit, the important includes tools like as develop, debug, report &  monitor for Java Applications for java developers.


Java Developer Kit (JDK) is a software development tools or environment used for developers to develop web application, Java application  and applets projects. This JDK will includes the components are Java Run time Environment (JRE),  Interpreter to check java code line by line,  Java Compiler (Javac) – purpose of this convert source file to executable file, JAR file – supporting library files and others tools to develop the Java application.

When initially JDK tools built with only two components Javac and Java. Both the JDK tools are work in command prompt to run the java program. Do you know how developers worked initially?  Java source file (java coding/ Logic) is built as a simple text file, it is saved with an extension of then using java compiler will convert this source file into the executable (Binary file) because machine can understand only binary language (‘0’s and ‘1’s), the generated binary file is saved as filename.class. finally, developer’s use java command to run this class file to get the output in command prompt.

Developers really feel that working in command prompt and finding debug is very difficult then they planned to work in IDE Tool- Integrated Development Environment.  which is easy to work as Full Integration, Easy to deployment and project development ,Smart to Handel / Editor, Built-in source code control. You can refer my another blog that will help to you configure net beans in your system/ local machine.


  • Interpreter                              –  Tool to check line by line during Run Time
  • Compiler                                  –  Tool use to convert source file to binary file
  • Applet Viewer                          –  Tool for standalone command line program
  • Java Decompiler                    –  Tool to reconstruct the Java Source Code from Class file
  • Debugger                                   –  Tool to test and debug the program
  • Header and Stub File           –  Tool to generate C header & Source file from Java class
  • Class File Dis-assembler    –  Tool to disassembles the java class files
  • Applet                                          –  Applet viewer with the JDK
  • API Documentation              –  Tool to purpose of generate the software docs
  • API Source Code                     –  Tool to provide the complete source code


JDK is a open source & it’s available in the oracle site, first step to create a account in the oracle siteOnce you have created a account in oracle, start download the JDK software from oracle site For note, recent version of JDK is 1.8. 

Steps To Install JDK In Windows

Step:1 Download software from here, Accept the lince and then choose windows platform (32-Bit or 64- Bit) of yours. JDK_Download_Oracle_Site

Step:2  Located the downloaded .exe file of jdk, double click it to start install.

Step:3  It  automatically invoke the packages and by default jdk will install either under c directory of two options,

Option:1    C:\Program Files\Java\your jdk installed version  

Option:2   C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\your jdk installed version    

Step:4  Proceed to next to complete the Installation.  you can also  verify that jdk installed or not by locate the above option to find the jdk software.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Java SE Development Kit Installed Components:

When you download and install the Java SE Development Kit, the following items are installed:

  • Java run time environment (JRE)
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for the platform
  • Java class libraries for the platform
  • Java technology compiler
  • Additional utilities, such as utilities for creating Java archive files (JAR files) and for debugging Java technology programs

Examples of Java technology programs,
In addition to the Java SDK download, other items are available as a separate download, such as the Java class library (API) documentation and the Java Language Specification.
Note: The compiler (javac) is located in the ../jdk<version>/bin directory.

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