Introduction To Java Programming and Why Java Is called OAK?

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Founder Of Java:  James Gosling


The Java programming language (formerly Oak) originated in 1991 as part of a research project to develop a programming language that would bridge the communication gap between many consumer devices, such as video cassette recorders (VCRs) and televisions. Specifically, a team of highly skilled software developers at Sun (the Green team, under the leadership of James Gosling) wanted to create a programming language that enabled consumer devices with different central processing units (CPUs) to share the same software enhancements.
This initial concept failed after several deals with consumer device companies were unsuccessful. The Green team was forced to find another market for their new programming language.
Fortunately, the World Wide Web was becoming popular and the Green team recognized that the Oak language was perfect for developing web multimedia components to enhance webpages. These small applications, called applets, became the initial use of the Oak language, and programmers using the Internet adopted what became the Java programming language. The turning point for Java came in 1995, when Netscape incorporated Java into its browser.


The Java Programming language was initially called Oak after an oak tree that stood outside Gosling’s office. Later the project went by the name Green and was finally renamed Java, from Java coffee. Gosling designed Java with a C/C++-style syntax that system and application programmers would find familiar.


Java Technology is the most widely used development language in the world, As as report of over 9 million developers saying they spend most of their time developing in Java Technology. This Java Technology most welcomely involves in the below three platform in the world,

Java Desktops
Java Mobile Phones
Java TV and Card


Java technology, which is represent as both a programming Java language and a platform.
Java programming language is a high-level object-oriented language that strictly follows a particular syntax and Style in the java coding.
A Java platform is a like a environment (Java Virtual machine) in which Java programming language applications can able to run.

Java Programming Language Platforms

Java DEVELOPMENT PLATFORMMany of the developer and learners will get confuses initially that how each other platforms, get related to each other in this java platform. There are mainly three important classified Java programming language platforms are named below,

  1. Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)
  2. Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
  3.  Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME)

All Java based platforms need a two important environemnt to run this java prpgramming that consist of  Java Virtual Machine (VM) and a application programming interface (API). The Java Virtual Machine is a virtual environment, which is hosted in  a particular hardware and software platform, that  help to runs all Java applications. An API is a collection of software / libraries components that you can use this to create new software applications.

1. Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)

(Java SE) is used to develop applets and applications that run within web browsers and on desktop computers.

For example, you can use the Java SE JDK to create a word processing program for a personal computer.

2. Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)

(Java EE) is used to create large enterprise, server-side,  reliable, running secure network applications,and client-side distributed applications.  It is built on top of the Java SE Platform.
For example, you can use the Java EE JDK to create a web shopping (eCommerce) application for a retail company’s website.

3. Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME)

(Java ME) is used to create applications for resource-constrained consumer devices. It provides a API & small-footprint virtaul machine for running a Java programming Language.

For example, you can use the Java ME JDK to create a game that runs on a cellular phone. Blu-ray Disc Java applications and Java TV use the same SDK as Java ME.

There is one more category of platform can be used that is Java Card, it will be used in the Sim Card as Mobile Sim Card. Java Card is typically used in the following areas are Identity, Security, Transactions,  Mobile Phones SIM’s.

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