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Scroll bar- I have come across with Oracle community that question has been posted as “How to add horizontal scroll bar with Freeze columns in Tabular form”. Today, we will help you how to do the vertical scroll bar in tabular or interactive reports.

Follow three simple steps – Scroll bar:

This is the simple way we can achieve it , you should set the height and width to the Tabular form or reports to achieve the vertical scroll bar in APEX.

Step:1 You need to identify the Region in right side — “Header & Footer


Step: 2 Add the below coding into the – “Header Text”

Here, the below div code will set the height of the tabular form or interactive reports so that user can view the rows until the mentioned height ( 500px), if user exceeds that height , they need to scroll bar option to view the next rows.

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Step: 3 Add the below code into the – “Footer Text”

This is the syntax of closing the div.


That’s all you have completed your scroll bar in APEX and find the below output screen for your reference.

scroll bar

For note: Most of the fixed header are done for classic reports because classic report has a table with <thead> tag for header and <tbody> for records. So you can use CSS to separate the header and display scroll bar for the body. for IR report table heading and records are define with tbody tag so with out separating the first row it will be difficult to put a scroll bar.

My suggestion is to write a javascript to separate the first row and create a separate div section for header row with in the table with thead tag . Then put the css for tbody to display scroll bar.


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