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In VMware workstation, Vmplayer (those are VT-x enabled are imbulidly virtualization supported here after the version of 9.0) but “virtual box” here, it won’t accept virtualization so we need to install only on any Linux platform like centos, Ubuntu because its accept only by command-line not GUI based.

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This is first method install eucalyptus on laptop with help of virtualization software:-

Cloud-in-a-box: a Eucalyptus cloud with all components on a single machine:

Hardware Requirements:

Before installing FastStart in the Cloud-in-a-box configuration, make sure you have a machine with:

>  a minimum of 200GB of disk space 

   –>  a minimum of 4GB of memory

   –> at least one Ethernet NI

Network Requirements :

    –> You must have access to the internet.

    –> You must be able to assign static IP addresses within your network. 

    –> You must set aside a static IP address for each physical system.

    –> You must set aside a range of available public IP addresses. Eucalyptus will assign these to  VM Instances.      

   –>  You must set aside a large range of available private IP addresses. These will be used by a virtual subnet.

          They can not overlap or contain any part of a physical network IP address


 Note: Eucalyptus will set aside, by default, the subnet unless you choose to set different values. Note: you may have doubt what ip is this? should i have to give and do i need public? Yup!.. don’t worry. Simply by online you can know all the details, I mean in google hit “subnet calculator” then it’s ask you to enter the IP address and CIDR netmask ( from your host system type ipconfig from the command prompt ). Now it’s shows the CIDR address range, from this range only you can use IP- of public ranges, frontend, node controller.

A sample set of IP addresses might go as follows:

       –> 192.168 weight loss supplements that work.28.78 for the Front end system

       –> for the first Node Controller

      –> for the second Node Controller

      –> for the public IP address range

Now I am going to show you how to install  Eucalyptus “cloud-in -box” in a raw machine

Step-1 Download a eucalyptus software from the following link 

Step-2 once download the ISO file of Eucalyptus, that file should be burn into the empty DVD 

Step-3 After that, mount DVD into the raw machine now it’s ready to boot that ISO file of Eucalyptus software.

Step-4 now, see the boot image appears in the screen here, there is an option which you should choose what to install.

Step-5 now, It’s ready to install automatically and also hardware initialize the file it’s took 2 min to install.

Step-6 Next, It’s initiate the hardware checking and ask to test that media, you simply skip this session to proceed with installation.

Step-7 Firstly, It’s trying to install centos automatically because eucalyptus need install on only Linux platform.

Step-8 After the completion of Centos, now ready to install “eucalyptus” and you simply hit next to proceed with installation.

Step-9 choose a language to install.

Step-10 Enter the host name as your Wish.

Step-11 change into the static Ip from the DHCP, for that hit advanced network configuration at the bottom then hit edit.

Step-12 From the IPV4 settings, to provide the details of ip address, netmask and gateway and finally hit apply. 

Step-13 After that enter the new password as your wish.

Step-14 here, it’s ask you to provide the public ip ranges for that as i given notes before i started kindly check it out.

Step-15 Eucalyptus start to installing and also it’s downloads packages that took few minutes depend on the speed of internet.

Step-16 Installation is over and time to reboot.

Step-17 After reboot windows appears first screen by centos to proceed with booting

Step-18 Initially it took 10 min to start Eucalyptus because it’s have to configure cloud controller, walrus and cluster formation

Step-19 Finally, Eucalyptus installation was successfully completed.

Step-20 From the browser login by either admin or user from above information.During the first time login, provide E-mail address and change password.

That’s All You have done it!…..


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