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An organization can build a private cloud and then provide infrastructure services to their internal departments or partners. private Cloud Setup is only for an organization, that the Data Center availability into the Intranet of that organization and then Provide the services to Employee or Customer, who working in that intranet.

A private cloud looks and acts like as a Public cloud, ie., providing your corporation all the speed, sharing, agility and cost savings advice by cloud technology, only services to single-tenant and even you, Right? Well, that’s the goal, but it’s not quite the reality yet for most enterprises.

Cloud computing security concept

User access the resources/device such as Storage, Network, Application, virtual machine,.. within the Intranet of Enterprise Data Center.                                                                              


To build a private cloud, you need virtualization software to run a hypervisor. If u need more understanding on Virtualization, Below Listed software are available to setup Hypervisor. Choose your well known software among I listed here and use it to implement.

If You would like to setup an Vitalization Of vmware ESXi then You can Refer here to know How to Install ESXi on vmware Workstation .

Examples of Hypervisor software,

  • kvm– Kernel-based Virtual Machine is available with most Linux distributions since kernel build 2.6 and is available as open-source software.
  • Redhat– is an example of KVM virtualization
  • XEN – is another Linux based open-source hypervisor. Citrix licensed Xen and offers it as a commercial product. Rackspace and Amazon Web Service run Xen.
  • VMWARE – the commercial company has an open-source offering as well.
  • Hyper-V -Microsoft Private Cloud.
  • Google Cloud

private cloud


Once you have Ready setup with a virtualization or hypervisor layer, then you need cloud software to provide provisioning the on-demand and elasticity features of cloud computing as a Service.

What is PROVISIONING? (Services)

Provisioning is the enterprise-wide configuration, deployment and management of multiple types of IT system resources. Once all resources(Application, Storage, Network….) are ready in cloud Setup by admin and User will request what they need? to cloud admin, here admin should response the services exactly as the same as user request.


Examples of private cloud software,

EUCALYPTUS:– Eucalyptus open-source and is available commercially. Recently, HP company acquired. HPE
OPENSTACK:- OpenStack is open-source and licensed as a commercial product by Rackspace, Nebula and many others.
CLOUDSTACK :- CloudStack is open source cloud computing software for creating, managing, and deploying infrastructure cloud services.


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