How to Send Email Intent from android application

Today in this tutorial, we will help you to send a Email intent application using GMail SMTP and JavaMail API. Using GMail’s SMTP server to send email is very simple and easy to do, for that you just need to download the supported jar files & libraries. We need to use the ported version of JavaMail for Android. This email intent is working in background without user intention to trigger a Email to concern person.

Download “Source Code - Send Email Intent - Android Application” – Downloaded 294 times – 7 MB

What is Intent ?

Object carrying an intent ie.. message from one component to another component with-in the application or outside the application.  In this android tutorial, object is represent a Email (message).

Prerequisites for Send Email Intent:

Sending Email intent in android could be achieve by calling java API for that you need to download the below  three Jar file (activation.jar,  additionnal.jar, mail.jar) and place it into the your project explorer (refer the below screen shot) and to set  built path. Click here to download jar files



Steps to Send Email Intent in android:

Step 1 : Create a new project as File –> New –> Android Application Project.    Enter the project name as SendMail and package name.

Step 2 : Ensure to have a three java file under the src –>  (, , if not exist, create the missing java file for the same. Once all three java file are ready, copy my below coding  and paste it into your application.

Your project explorer looks like as below,

java_file   (change your email address and destination email)   (Don’t change anything)   (Don’t change anything)

Step 3: Under Layout–> create and copy the below xml coding (activity_main.xml, activity_jsseprovider.xml, activity_gmail_sender.xml) into you application as like as below,





Step 4: It’s very important to  add permission in AndroidManifest.xml file to provide internet access for your android application.

<uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.INTERNET” />


Step: 5 Finally, you launch your Email Intent application to check the output of your message.

Email Intent


Download “Source Code - Send Email Intent - Android Application” – Downloaded 294 times – 7 MB


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