Virtualization in Cloud Computing


virtualization- “Separate the operation system from your physical Hardware”


Virtualization is important component in cloud Computing.

What is Virtualization?

In Computing, Virtualization is a technique, which allows to create and share single physical instance as virtually of a device or resource, such as network, server, and storage, O/s among multiple organizations or tenants (customers). It does so by assigning a logical name to a physical resource and providing a pointer to that physical resource when demanded.


Consider the scenario for your better understood, we can  partitioning a hard drive is considered virtualization because you take one drive and partition it to create two separate hard drives use it virtually in this Virtualization layer.

How It Logically Looks?

When you create a virtual machine over the existing operating system and hardware is called as Hardware Virtualization. Virtual Machines provide an environment that is logically separated operating system from the underlying your physical hardware.


Host Machine–> Machine on which the Virtual Machine is created i.e.., platform

Guest Machine–> Virtual machine i.e.., running

This Whole setup of virtual machine is managed by a software or firmware, which is known as Hypervisor.

What is Hypervisor?

Hypervisor is a low-level or firmware program that acts as controlling or managing the the Running virtual Machine ie.., Guest machine.

Types of Hypervisor?


It runs directly on the host’s hardware to control the hardware and to manage guest operating systems


Eg:- LynxSecure, RTS Hypervisor, Citrix, VmWare, Oracle VM, Sun xVM Server, VirtualLogic VLX

If You Looking for Setup this Type-1 Hypervisor of VMWare ESXi 5.1 on VMWare Workstation, by the way read this article to setup/ configure the  VMWare ESXi Installation On VMWare Workstation.


A Type 2 Hypervisor is a virtualization layer that is installed above a host operating system (OS), such as Windows Server, Linux, or a custom OS installation.  The host operating system has direct access to the server’s hardware and is responsible for managing basic OS services.


Eg:- Virtual Box, Containers, KVM, Microsoft Hyper V, VMWare Fusion, Virtual Server 2005 R2, Windows Virtual PC and VMWare workstation 6.0

If You Looking for Setup this Type-2 Hypervisor of VMWare ESXi 5.1 on VMWare Workstation, by the way read this article to setup/ configure the  VMWare ESXi Installation On VMWare Workstation.

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