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Welcome to Try Me Buddy!!!….  Thank you for taking the time to visit the “About Us ” Page and we started in the year of 2015, As of now initial ideas to start with technology blog.

Who Love to Share The Knowledge, which we learnt in Technology.

Our journey forward to found new things and learned technology  to share the knowledge of every aspect via Try Me Buddy website so that people get engage with us to get benefit. Try Me Buddy and Audience, who feel comfortable  to engage in online blog visits and more interesting self learning of new skills at their comfortable place at anywhere in the world. Our blog content are created for your usage of freely available tutorial.


To Help and Guide the people from Industry/ B-school/ University/ Research Scholar.
e-enable” our audience and make them to interactive for high impact on success.
 Place to be Audience, who wants to Learn and struggle in the Technology.


    Try Me Buddy is planned to reach the Technical Content to virtual  audience as per the needful and built in the easy learning solution for them.


    Try Me Buddy is a online free dedicated website content for the tech audience, which most useful platform across the world, such as CLOUD COMPUTING, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, JAVA, ANDROID, WORDPRESS, SAP, DOT NET etc..,

      Our content writer are  highly skilled and very professional, who are really taking care of website to it next level of growth and they are have IT industry Experience.


Try Me Buddy, happy to introduce our content writer and great supporter of built this website. who is the youngest member of this team with an lots of creative ideas to write a content on this website. we have good dedicated team of different platform in technical.

Our Content Writer Team are listed below,

Issac sha, who is basically a research mind of person and looking for found new things as innovative. Hope in future my innovation will be great helpful for my people. This is the one ideal reason for him to start learn new things in technology and share the knowledge to all. 

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Your feedback are very valuable and always welcome for the same, so that Try Me Buddy to do make a correction and also keep website as clean updated. Please feel free to get in touch by filling the form available in the Contact Us Page.


IssacSha is a professional blog writer, who loves trying to find new things and sharing the same experience through my blog website. He loves website design, WordPress, SEO, Java, Android, HTML, Cloud Computing, SQL, PL/SQL, Blogger Tips etc and hope people will get benefit by reading my blogs related to technology.

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